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Do you have a problem with carpet Moth eating away your expensive wool carpets or has your home or office a problem with a flea infestation you just cant get rid of, well we are here to help! we carry out treatments using approved insecticides that will eliminate household insect pests such as fleas, moths, carpet beetle, we provide flea and moth treatments for all Devon and Somerset
pest control devon

Professional treatments for


Carpet flea treatments
Rug flea treatments
Upholstery Flea treatments
Carpet Moth Treatments

fpest control devonQualified technician

We are qualified to apply insecticide treatments to carpets and fabrics in commercial and domestic environments.
Our training as included the study of:
Insect types, including egg hatching times, identifying larvae, insect habits and the potential sources of the insect to prevent recontamination.

·         Harborages – hiding places, egg sites and pupa hatching sites. Including the possible need for return visits in the case of some insects.

·         Personal Protective Equipment and Health and Safety recommendations for the Chemtreat PLUS product (the Chemspec Insecticidal product)

·         Application rules and environmental safety rules for the use of the insecticide in the United Kingdom

Our company's qualified Textile Insect Pest (T.I.P.) technician is James Reid

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